About the Pun Master

Hi. My name is Jennifer Gorman. Welcome my blog.

And no, I am not the pun master. That would be my husband, Michael. Every day with him is a laugh and an adjustment. We’ve only known each for a few years, and we are still figuring things out. I’m serious-minded and have the temperament of a placid lake. He’s more like those bubbles that little kids blow. Together, we make a fart. (His joke, not mine!)

So, about this blog. This blog will be about our lives–the good, the bad, and the punny.

You, dear readers, will have the privilege and honor of hearing more bad jokes straight from my husband’s lips and my fingers. Once a week I will post something–whether it be a ten minute pun-off about eggs or a lame fourth-grade joke he somehow made funnier. If it made me laugh, I’m going to try to post it.

Whenever I’m not posting endless lists of puns, I’ll be talking about my writing life. Trying to get a writing career off the ground isn’t easy, and I’m sure I’ll be (metaphorically) throwing my computer around in frustration. Either that or hiding in a closet. Because it’s also scary!

So lean back, prepare yourself to groan, and have fun.

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