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These Puns Are Going To Floor You

Two weeks ago, Michael and I were driving to one of my concerts. It was a good thirty minute drive, and on our way we passed by several furniture shops. This got me to thinking about the bedroom furniture we one day are going to buy for ourselves. I made a comment about it, and naturally, this leads to another ten minutes worth of furniture puns.

chest of drawersThese puns are going to floor you.

There’s a few I have to get off my chest.

Feel free to share. You don’t have to be so shelvish.

You don’t have to couch it like that.

Nothing really mattress.

The more I do this the more I worry you’ll show me the door.

chairDon’t worry. I’m a big fan.

Not that I chair.

I have an entire cabinet developing these puns.

I tell puns all day and you walk away. You don’t have to be so fridged.

We really need a pun counter.

pink stairsMy pun stack is towering so high it makes you shudder.

You have to tell me window puns make the website.

Don’t do this in public. It’ll cause a few stairs.

We’ll table this discussion for later.




Stop by tomorrow for my next blog, “Wedding Disasters”


Did I miss any? Let me know!


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