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My Husband’s 5 Favorite Phrases

Nothing that comes out of my husband’s mouth is normal. For example, right at this very moment he is belting out the lyrics to “A Hero’s Homecoming” by Brave Saint Saturn as he torments our cat, Peaches.

That said, if you are his friend, he will go out of his way to say things you don’t expect.

Here is a list of 5 of his favorite phrases.

1. His response to, “Hi.” “Yes, I am. Oh, you were saying?”

2. Instead of saying goodbye, he says, “Don’t get dead!”

3. His response to large, monstrous creatures who make the mistake of confronting him on various video games: “I’ma punch it!”

4. His solution to, “the world is going to pot.” “You know the world would be a much better place if we just killed all the humans.”


Ok, ok, so he doesn’t actually have five phrases that he likes to say over and over. At least, not five that is appropriate to share with the public.

What he likes to do is brake out into random songs at any moment he feels like it–songs, by the way, that include anything from classic rock (especially if we’re in the car driving and listening to the radio) to ska to those really, really, stupid college-boy-age songs that you find on the internet, but only if some skinny 19 year old geek shows you first. Like Nyan Cat. Which I didn’t even know existed until I met him.


Enjoy that? Check me out next time for, “My Husband is a Jerk and I Love Him Anyway.”



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