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My Husband Speaks A Different Language Than Me

Several, in fact.

Computer languages. He speaks several computer languages. Not Greek or French or Spanish. He couldn’t speak Spanish if his life depended on it–though I’m pretty sure he could learn it in a quarter of the time it would take me if he wanted to, the show off. He’s just that smart. And I have a minor in Spanish, too.

Michael is a software engineer. Computer programmer. A shooter of trouble (in more ways than one). If it has to do with a computer, then he can do it. Give him a pile of computer parts and he could put it together and make it dance. So naturally of course he speaks several computer languages and dialects–5 languages, he has told me, and about 6 dialects.

He works from home, nowadays. And some time during the day, he’s on Skype with either his coworker or his clients/boss, talking shop.

Now, I’ve been married to him for over a year now. Furthermore, I have a little brother just like him. I think I can understand about as much shop talk as I can Spanish. The rest of the time? I feel something like this:

where do I plug this in

He assures me that with enough time and proper teaching, I, too, can learn to program.

I don’t believe him.



Like that? Join me next time when I talk about, “Our Resolution Contract.”


One thought on “My Husband Speaks A Different Language Than Me

  1. I like this. I want more. Having a geek for a son has its advantages. I don’t have to know how to speak computer. I just get him to solve my computer problems. Now a days its with dealing with my cellphone. I just found out that a cell phone can slow down like a computer. I asked him how to clean up my phone to speed it up. I’m still waiting.


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