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Our Resolution Contract

So, like most everyone else in America this time of year, we made a New Years Resolution. This year, we wanted to actually keep our resolutions, so we thought it good to do a few things.

The first thing we did was keep our resolutions  attainable.

Not easy or simple. Losing Weigh is rarely either. Getting Healthy isn’t, either, but at least it sounds less intimidating and more attainable than losing weight would be.

The second thing we did was prioritize.

Instead of having a million resolutions, we boiled it down to three things: getting healthy, saving money, and reading the bible. As a writer, I could have added many more things to that list. My husband, being partner to his own business, could have added some himself. But we chose to leave those off the list, in favor of just the three. Not that we won’t be working on our writing and business–we will be anyway–but we didn’t feel it necessary to work toward it.

The third thing we did was draw up a Resolution Contract.

And finally, we decided to make up a Resolution Contract. What is a Resolution Contract? Well, it’s a contract that states what your resolutions are, why you want to accomplish them, what the consequences would be if you fail, and your signature. The idea behind this thing is it’s supposed to make you more obligated and motivated to fulfill them.

Only time will tell if this is a gimmick or not. Or if this will work. But having worked toward the fulfillment of our resolutions for one week, I’m happy to announce that I have exercised for 5 days this week for one hour at a time, and that we managed to wait until the weekend to eat out.  And I only forgot to do my bible reading one time.

Want to see what it looks like? Here you go.


2015 Resolution Contract


This Year, 2015, we resolve to achieve these listed Goals and will, as such, make every effort to work toward them.

We understand that the purpose of these goals is to develop healthy habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle, healthier bodies, and a healthy Spiritual life.

We understand that the development of the habit is more important than the success, and that once the habit is established success is more likely to follow.

We understand that to fail will lead to the following consequences: weight gain, lack of energy, health endangerment; lesser quality of housing availability; lack of Spiritual knowledge and preparedness, lesser foundation of faith and habits to pass onto future children.

We understand that to sign this Contract is to be bound to fulfill the stated resolutions or suffer the above stated consequences.

We Resolve To:

1.       Develop a Healthy Lifestyle by doing the Following:

a.       Being Active and Exercising 4-6 times a week for 30-60 minutes

b.      Eating Smaller Portions

c.       Healthy Snacks Only and Not Snacking After Supper

d.      Drinking More Water and No Cokes

2.       Save Money, for the Purpose of Building a Home, by:

a.       Eating Out Only on Weekends, as defined by Friday Evenings through Sunday Evening

b.      Paying off Student Loans as Quickly as Possible

c.       Transferring Money to Savings Account Immediately upon Receipt of Paycheck

3.       Develop a Bible Reading Habit by

a.       Reading either During Supper or Just Before Bedtime


We, the Signed, Have Read this Contract and the Stated Consequences.



Like this? Join us next week when I talk about our newest list of animal-themed puns, “My Husband is the Biggest Ham You’ll Ever Meat.”




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