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Things I Never Would Have Done Before

Michael and I have a habit of watching TV while we eat supper. Most of the time, we end up streaming cartoons or movies on the internet, due to the lack of decent, wholesome things to be found on the boob tube. We tend to favor cartoons. Lately, though, we’d come to the end of our list of things to watch. This has not been the first time this has happened. Usually we just watch something else. Other times we watch something random.

Which  is how I found myself watching The Simpsons for the first time in my life.

As I sat there, listening to the sarcasm and wisecracks–and laughing–it occurred to me that I wouldn’t have been doing this if I hadn’t met Michael. That led me to this list.

Things I Never Would Have Done On My Own

  1. Watch Anime, specifically Full Metal Alchemist and Trigun
  2. Watch The Simpsons
  3. Learn to Drive Long Distance/Navigate/Read Maps (I still haven’t learned to read maps accurately, though.)
  4. Leave Arkansas
  5. Eat Box Meals
  6. Move to Texas
  7. Get a Credit Card
  8. Get a Nice Car
  9. Play Video Games
  10. Get a Cat
  11. Live in an Apartment
  12. Eat Mexican Food
  13. Live in a BIG CITY
  14. Watch every episode of a half dozen DC Superhero TV shows
  15. Drive down Bat Cave Road in search for Batman (no luck 😦 We didn’t even find Wayne Manor)

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