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Meet Our Cat

Say hello to Peaches.

BLUELAGOON - WIN_20150201_144209I want to introduce you to the third member of our family. Her name is Peaches. She’s fluffy, she’s cute, she’s sweet. She likes ice in her water, and she likes her water to come from the kitchen, NOT the bathroom. Whenever we’re at work, she has to be with us–in our laps, on our keyboards, in our chairs, behind our chairs, on the desk.

She has a particular toy she likes to play with–two mice, tied on either end of a really long piece of string. One mouse lights up and squeaks, the other is just full of catnip.

We aren’t sure how old she is, though. And there’s a very good reason for that.

We didn’t find her. She found us.

Way back when, last year in August, one Friday night Michael and I decided to go watch a movie. When we got back, it was dark, and we heard a “meow. Meow,” at the door. So I went and opened the door, and there she was. How could we say no to that? To those eyes?photo

It turns out she’d been abandoned. A month before, her owners had been evicted from their apartment not far from ours, and they’d left her behind. The apartment managers had been trying to catch the poor kitty every since, and she just walked up to our front door.

When we caught her, she weighed just 7lbs. We thought she was a kitten, she was so small. She was also pregnant, but we didn’t know that until two weeks later, when she getting spayed.

For the longest time she had abandonment issues. She didn’t like either one of us being out of sight. Us taking a shower? She practically climbed into the tub with us rather than be separated by the curtain. One of us up stairs and the other down? She couldn’t find a place where she could keep an eye on us at the same time. Try to sleep? She’ll be right there, sleeping on your head. Literally. Going somewhere? You’d think the world had ended, the way she would greeted us at the door.

She’s relaxed a lot since those days. She still sometimes tries to climb into the bathtub with us while we’re in the showers, but at least she doesn’t sleep on our head anymore. Also, she has all the food she wants. She’s 10lbs, healthy, and probably the sweetest cat alive.


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