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Central Texas Speculative Christian Fiction

Meet the Central Texas Speculative Christian Fiction Writers

This penis a brand new group based out of San Marcus, TX, and it is the first of it’s kind to be created in Central Texas. They meet twice a month at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast and a healthy dose of support from their fellow writers. Each of the members shares a love for writing, fantasy, and Christ. While the group isn’t affiliated with American Christian Fiction Writers, each believes that God should be glorified with their talents and with the words they write. Together they aim to help each other grow and learn, to develop their craft, and to help each other publish.

This group wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of Jill Johnson,  Laura Aulenbacher, and Jenny Gorman. As of yet, the Central Texas Speculative Christian Fiction Writers do not have a home on the internet, but many members do. Jill Johnson has just put up a website, and writes regularly on her blog, Tablets of Human Hearts. Jenny Gorman has two blogs.

If you have questions, you can send them through Jill Johnson, Laura Aulenbaher, or Jenny Gorman. They welcome questions and look forward to adding members to their fledgling group.


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