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Goodbye Gas

America, I have bad news. Gas prices are going back up.

gas-pumpOk, so ‘bad’ in this case is relative. At the moment here in San Antonio, gas prices are still under $2 a gallon for the cheep stuff. That’s nothing compared to the $3.50 a gallon that we had back in the summer. But that’s still almost thirty cents more expensive than gas at its lowest price. I personally saw some gas at $1.72 a gallon–which, by the way, I hadn’t seen gas that low since I was in high school (class of 2004, if you must know).

If you were like me, then you spent all winter feeling like a little kid. Every time I went to the gas station I felt . . . eager, excited. What was the price now? How low would it go? I felt like I was playing limbo with the oil companies, and winning. Thursday, however, I received a disappointment. After almost a month of prices staying about even, I saw they had gone back up. Walmart gas was $1.94. Sad face.

I may have eagerly watched the prices during the winter, but I also spent the time wondering how bad the rebound would be. We all know that gas prices go down in the winter and back up in the summer. Usually the difference is about fifty cents to a dollar. But now? This is the biggest plunge in prices that I can personally remember. How bad will it be this time?

The precedent has been set at $3.50. Will gas prices jump back up in the $3 range, just because gas companies know we will pay for it? Or will they keep prices in the more reasonable low $2 range?

Readers, what do you think? How bad do you think gas prices will get this summer?


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