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Our Temporary Dog

Dear Readers,

maxHello. My name is Max. At least, that is what these people who picked me up are calling me. Their names are Michael and Jenny. I am a 9 pound terrier mix. I am black, and have a white stripe on my head, and 3 white dipped paws. I like to lick and nibble on feet, and play tug of war. I have more energy than I know what to do with, and I think the cat I share this apartment with hates me.

Michael and Jenny would really like to know how I got to be lost in the middle of the parking lot of the Augusta at Gruene Apartments last Wednesday night. They want to take me back to my original owners. I try and try to tell them where my mommy and daddy live, but I’m afraid that they just don’t speak dog. If they did, I would tell them how much I appreciate them for taking care of me, and that I would really like a new chew toy.

If you know anyone who can speak dog in the New Braunfels, Tx region, please tell these nice people where they can find my mommy and daddy.


Lost Doggy.


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