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It’s Been a Busy Month

Dude, where does the time go?

Some day, I’d like someone to answer me that. Why is it that time goes so fast? Why is it we can blink and suddenly three months have passed? February is gone already. Spring is almost here. At least, as soon as the snow goes away.

A lot has been accomplished this month. I’ve done a lot of research for my story, and it’s coming along good. I’ve helped start a fantasy writers group that meets in the San Antonio area. The Starlight Symphony Orchestra has had another concert, and we’re gearing up for another next month. We temporarily housed an abandoned dog, thought we might keep it, but ended up taking him to the shelter.

Michael has been busy with his company. They pushed out three programs, and they are gearing up to do more work. They are even talking about adding another client. Business is good.

This past week, we visited my mother-in-laws, and toured the Dallas area. We have accomplished a lot this month.

And yet, there are things still yet to do.

I still haven’t lost any weight this month, and my Bible reading never got off the ground. As far as fulfilling my resolution contract with my husband, the only thing we’ve been able to keep is saving money. We’ve been able to avoid going out to eat during the week, reserving that for the weekends. But that’s it.

I could still turn it around. The year is still young. March has just started. I’m planting some green beans in my flower pots. They haven’t sprouted yet, but I hope they will. Just as I also hope that I can get back on my resolution program. It can happen. Lord willing.


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