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My Guilty Pleasures

This is why my yearly resolution to lose weight always fails.


brownies May I present just two of the naughty things I have consumed this week: godiva chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, and homemade dark chocolate brownies with mint and chocolate chips.

I love chocolate, I love ice cream, and I love eating. I often eat too much, even when I try not to. In my defense, I do not cook desserts that often (just ask my husband how often I make Angelfood Cake–he’ll say “not often enough.”) just for that reason. But I’d been reading a book where the main characters makes brownies and cookies when she’s stressed, and I’d been craving chocolate . . . so I finally broke down and made brownies. They’re all gone now. 😦

Sometimes I have to wonder why God even created chocolate. Doesn’t He know just how many people (mostly women) get themselves into trouble just because of that little bean? If chocolate didn’t exist we’d all be in healthier shape, but the world would be a sadder place for it. How can we avoid our favorite foods if it is everywhere? Advice anyone?

Another question: when did the eye of Sauron invade the Cheesecake Factory?

eye of sauroncheesecake factory

Oh, I know why Sauron would take over the Cheesecake Factory perfectly well. The cheesecake over at the Cheesecake Factory is AMAZING. But which came first–the Lord of the Rings movies, or the Cheesecake Factory’s design scheme? And if it was the movies, was the designer a Tolkien fan? If not, what was he/she thinking? Don’t get me wrong, the lighting looks great, but I couldn’t help but giggle and gaze good-naturally over my shoulder at the invading army of hungry, hungry customers.


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