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Homemade Lighthouse Lamp

Our Lighthouse Project

lighthouseThis week, in addition to the usual chores and self-imposed writing deadlines, my husband and I got to work on this project–a lamp shaped like a lighthouse.

The lighthouse itself is a wooden model we assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle. But before we put it together, I painted every individual piece. The lighthouse itself is white, with red roof, railing and windows. I also painted vines growing up the building. Once I finished painting, I sealed it with modge podge and a clear acrylic spray. For the lighting, we got some Christmas lights and a lamp kit.

Putting it the model together with the lighting was actually pretty challenging. There is two central supports that hold the main body together. Between those two supports and the lights, the model kept falling apart. My husband and I eventually used Elmer’s glue, three rubber bands and two twist ties to hod it together. But once it dried and we removed the rubber bands and twist ties, the light house looked awesome.

We aren’t sure what we’re going to do for our next project. I keep going back and forth between a car or an airplane. We’ll see.


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