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Baby Blankets and Boxes

Sorry I haven’t written in a while

baby blanketHello Readers. I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’d like to claim that I’ve been too busy, but sadly, that’s not the issue. I’ve simply haven’t had much to write about. I spent the past two weeks doing basically . . . well, more of the same.

I’ve half my story at least two times over (it feels like it that way, anyway). I’ve cleaned, cooked, watched too much HGTV, and re-read my favorite novels for the up-teenth time. Basically, done a bunch of normal, boring stuff.

Things have finally picked up this week, though.

I finished this adorable baby blanket this week. It’s going to a lovely lady at the local congregation. I had so much fun making it that I’ve decided to make one for myself, whenever kids come along.

I also started packing this week, as well.

My husband and I will be moving to the outskirts of South Dallas in about three weeks. We bought some moving boxes, and so while my husband was hard at work and bringing home the bacon, I started packing. I’ve got a storage closet all boxed and ready to move, and I’ve also put away all my beloved books.

To tell you the truth, I’m sad to see them go. I’m having to fight the compulsion to unpack them and put them back on the bookshelf so I can re-read them whenever I want. Since I can ‘t do that, however, I’m leaving them alone. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t go to the library for new books. You can’t pack library books!

We don’t have much to pack, thankfully. We live in just an 800 square foot home, and neither of us are hoarders. I believe that if I spend two hours a day packing between now and Moving Day (with the exception of  Moving Week, when things will really get hectic), I can get most everything packed and ready to go. Here’s hoping everything turns out all right.


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