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Things I was Thankful for This Week

Home Depot sells moving boxes

hd-logoWe are moving in less than two weeks. That means in addition to cooking holiday dinner, I’m also packing. Our family and friends at church have been very nice to us and donated many boxes to us so far, but when we ran out of boxes, we discovered Home Depot sells moving boxes. And packaging tape and bubble wrap! Who would have known? Thank you Home Depot.

My Grandmother taught me to make angel-food cake

Several years ago, my grandmother taught me to make homemade angel-food cake. She makes this cake at least once a month (if not more often), and has been for more than 50 years. She taught both me and my sister how to make it, and now I make it every year for Thanksgiving.

I tried to make homemade dinner rolls–and failed

burned rollsSo I wanted to make homemade rolls this year. I knew my mom had several recipes, so I begged her for some, and she came through with four different ones. I tried the most basic recipe and up until I put it in the oven, my rolls looked perfect. Then I put them in the oven . . . . I’m still not sure how, but they all burned to a crisp. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on homemade rolls, but maybe next time I’ll try a different pan.

Note: These are not my rolls. I did not take a picture of my rolls. Yes, I know, I should have. I found this one on the internet. But if I had taken a picture of them–my rolls were worse. All black, no bread.

My husband, who braved Wal-mart on Thanksgiving Day to buy replacement dinner rolls

This one needs no explanation. After I burned the rolls, my husband decided to go brave Wal-mart to buy more rolls so he could have some for dinner. Brave, brave Michael. Love you lots!

Family and Food

What good would food have been without family? Friday my husband and I sat down to our biggest Thanksgiving meal yet. We went to our aunt’s house, along with more than twenty other members of his extended family, and stuffed ourselves silly with turkey, dressing, black olives and apple pie. Thank you Aunt Jennifer!

Rain and Heat

This week started out cold and sunny. Then it turned hot, rainy and muggy. Now it’s cold and rainy. Welcome to Texas!

The Library!

When I haven’t been cooking, packing, or stuffing myself, I’ve been reading books from the library. 😀 I love the library!


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