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We love our new apartment

our apartmentWe have been in our new apartment for about three or four weeks now, and we love it. It has so much more space. Our old apartment was about 800 square feet. This one is about 1100.

Our old apartment had one bedroom that fit a full-size bed comfortably–as long as we didn’t have any other furniture in it. This one has two bedrooms, one of which is big enough for our king-size bed and furniture. Instead of a loft for Michael’s office, he has an entire bedroom.

We also have 1.5 baths and a total of 5 huge closets. 5!peaches in the closet

Our cat, Peaches, is also enjoying herself. She loves to get on the top shelf of our closet, warm herself next to the light bulb, and nap. Of course, she hasn’t figure out how to get up there by herself and asks us to help her.

This apartment comes with a few other perks. One is the wood-burning fireplace. Yes, it works.

our treeAnother is our huge tree. If you’ve ever been in Texas, you know that they don’t really have trees. They have overgrown bushes. This is an actual tree, and I’m tickled pink that it’s in our yard. Ours.

window boxOur kitchen comes with a window box, which is perfect for my plants. Peaches wishes I’d let her in it, but that’s not going to happen. So far I only have some cactus in there, but later I plan to try my hand at growing some herbs. Parsley, sage and maybe some lavender.
Last, but not least, is our back yard. We have a fenced in back yard, complete with a patch of dirt. I’m a farm girl at heart, and having a patch of dirt to play in just makes my day. It’s not very big at all, but it’s the perfect size for storing our bikes and for planting some vegetables come spring.

To top all of this off, we’re about two blocks off the main drag. That means Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Tractor Supply Company is within walking distance of our apartment–as is several banks, gyms, restaurants and other stores. Life here in Waxahachie is great, and God has blessed us so much!


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