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What Music I Listen to While Writing

listen-to-mozart-while-workingEvery writer likes to write in a different environment. Some like to write in a busy cafe, surrounded by the smells of coffee and the sounds of people. Others have to write in complete quietness. Others put on music or the TV.

While there is absolutely no way I would ever be able to write with the TV going–I only end up watching it–I like to write to music. Three or four laptops ago, I had all my favorite CDs on my computer, and I’d listen to music for hours while I typed. Nowadays, I just put on Pandora.

For example, right now I’m listening Riverdance. I find that the uptempo fiddling music helps stimulate my brain cells so that my fingers fairly dance to the music. They stimulate my feet, too. It’s a good thing I like to write alone, because no one needs to see me dance.

When I’m not listening to Riverdance or other fiddle music, I’ll listen to movie soundtracks. Other times, especially if I need to especially concentrate on what I’m writing, I’ll put on classical music. Classical pieces composed by people like Mozart and Beethoven work especially well for background noise.

I do not like listening to music where people sing. This weeds out most everything you’d hear on the radio–pop, metal, rock and roll, blues, country. I find the human voice to be too distracting. I find myself paying too much attention to the words, trying to figure out what they’re saying.

Now, I can make exceptions to songs I’ve heard so many times I have their words memorized, or perhaps opera, where the words are sung in another language and I have no chance of understanding what they say. Thankfully, Pandora only plays things I like to listen to, so if I don’t like it I don’t have to listen to it.


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