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Don’t Want to Work

This was my husband last week

don't want to work

Unlike a lot of couples I know, I don’t have to work for a living. My husband works from home and makes plenty of money. We don’t have children yet, and live in a small apartment. So when I decide I don’t want to work–do chores, clean, work on story–I can get away with it.

So last week, I decided to slack off.

My husband wishes he could have as well. And honestly, I wish he could have, too. Unfortunately, work wouldn’t let him, so I had to play all by myself. Which is not that much fun, actually.

So I played with the cat.

Once I got tired of sitting on my but, I played “find the mouse under the floorboards” with our cat. You see, we have a really squeaky spot in our bedroom. You stand there, shift your weight, and it squeaks. After doing this for a few minutes, the cat starts pawing at the carpet trying to get at the “mouse.”

I also got the cat a new toy. It’s a circular machine that swings an arm around and around. Attached to the arm is a bunch of feathers. The cat loves chasing and pouncing on the feathers. We’ve had it for about two weeks, and she’s almost torn all the feathers out. We’re going to have to get more feathers for her. Watching her play with that took another few hours.

When I couldn’t stand the cat bugging me any longer, I took her outside. She loves it out there–which really surprised me. She didn’t want to go outside at our other apartment. I’m not sure why she wants to here. It could be because there’s no window or glass door for her to lay inside and sun herself. Or maybe because we now have squirrels in addition to birds playing right outside now. I chalk it up to being bored.

Whatever the reason, I took her outside and wrote some while she ate grass, tried to jump on top of our six-foot-tall fence (failed), scratched her back on the concrete sidewalk, and ran from our next-door neighbor’s dog. I’d leave her out there if I wasn’t concerned about her getting run over. Also, I wouldn’t be able to hear her if she ever decided she wanted back in.

Unfortunately, today is the start of a new week

Today is Monday, as you well know. I’ve already done all the chores I didn’t do over the weekend, and I find myself in a similar position as last week. What am I going to do now? In spite of all the fun I had playing video games and hanging out with my cat and my husband, I’d actually like for this week to be more productive.

But there’s only so many chores you can do, and today is too windy to write outside. Which means that I only have laundry, exercise, and grocery shopping to look forward to today. And I suppose I could write inside.

I long ago learned my lesson–never ask someone for something to do. They just might give it to you. Thankfully, it looks like I have plenty to keep me occupied.


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