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My Sister’s Wedding

My sister is married. Finally!

David and JoyceLast week I told you my sister was getting married, and I promised you pictures. Well, here you go. Two of my favorites. I just wish they were better quality–both were done with cell phones.

The lucky man’s name is David Bentley. He’s a mechanic, and they’ve known each other for a long time. All I got to say is–you two better take care of each other.

My sister wanted an ultra simple wedding. And I mean simple. And cheap–neither one of them had any money to spend. I think my sister spent a total of $110 on that dress and shoes. And that was it. Well, she might have spent some on her two-week honeymoon to a remote cabin in the woods, but she didn’t tell me.

So, in keeping with the simple theme, my sister elected to get married at David’s church. No decorations (not even flowers). No maids of honor. No groomsmen. No fancy speech. Just Dad walking her down the aisle, and David’s dad presiding over them. Afterwards was a pot luck dinner.

dad and joyceThey did feed each other the angel food cake my grandma made for them (and get it all over David’s beard). And David’s friends and family did trick out the get-away truck. They tied boots and cans to the tailgate, wrapped the truck in caution tape and plastic wrap, smeared the door handles with peanut butter, and then handcuffed the steering wheel to the door handle. So at least they went traditional with that!

I think they’re going to be okay. My sister, as you can tell, has a smile big enough to fit a banana in sideways. She’s tickled pink to finally be hitched. I wish their marriage well, and pray that God blesses them.

I love you sis!


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