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What’s Happening This Week

icecream-coneIt wasn’t easy trying to figure out what to talk about today.

Why? Because there’s nothing going on.

Okay, that’s not precisely true. There’s stuff going on in the world. Wars being fought. Natural disasters striking unexpectedly. People living, people dying.

But really, other than that? I only have random, small thing to talk about.

And this picture of an ice cream cone? I put it up to torture me. And you, too.

Random News From the World of Me

Presidential candidates are slinging mud at each other.

Still. Wish I could say I cared about which one wins–and I do, to a certain extent. Don’t worry, I’m planning to vote, even though I don’t like either candidate. But you know what? This world, this country, is in God’s hands, so I’m not worried. He’ll take care of me, not the government.

Still weigh 190.

Haven’t regained the weight, haven’t lost more. Due to the heat (thank you very much, Texas), I’ve been exercising just enough to maintain the routine. Hopefully, I’ll crank my exercise routine up when the lows drop below 80. And no, 78 does not count. Maybe below 72. Yeah, let’s stick with 72.

Oh, my husband joined a gym and got a trainer. He’s been hobbling around going “ow, ow, ow,” ever since. So he’s doing good. They’re hoping to lose 10 this month. I wish him luck. If I can get him to work on cardio between trainer days–and get him to stop eating ice cream–he might just loose some. But the ice cream is so good, and it’s so hot outside….

I know, I know. But you know what they say–the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

I’m still getting okra from my garden.

I’m both pleased and surprised. They aren’t dead yet. They’re wilting a bit in the heat of the day, but they bounce back once it starts cooling off. I wonder how long they’re going to last? If they last through till fall, I might be able to put aside quite a bit of okra in my freezer.

Going to go tubing this weekend at the Frio with some families from church. Will hopefully have pictures to share next week.

We have finally saved up enough money to start looking for land to buy.

I’m sure we could have bought a house instead for cheaper, but I want land. If we can get it, then I want it. Now, we just started the process. We’re in the middle of getting pre-financed, so we know how much we can spend.

And, um, that’s it. Yep. Nothing much going on this week. Except for reading. Yeah, been reading books instead of writing. I don’t regret it. Much. But other than that, nothing going on.


Gee, I’ve been bored.



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