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The Crowthistle Chronicles–a critique

iron-tree-cvrOn and off for the past two weeks, I’ve been reading on Cecilia Dart-Thorton’s books. I’ve only read books one and two of her Crowthistle Chronicles, and if the library has books three and four, I hope to finish out the series soon.

The Crowthistle Chronicles follows the Jovanson family, starting with Jarred Jovanson. Jarred leaves his desert homeland in search for adventure, and falls in love with a girl from the marsh. His heritage, however, continues to haunt him, as he is the grandson of a powerful and evil sorcerer, and the world will not leave him alone. Nor will it leave his daughter, or his granddaughter, or any of his other family, alone.

Dart-Thorton is a talented writer, who kept me turning pages well after my bedtime, and who made me cry at the end. I also marveled at all the research she had to have done, because her world is full of faeries, trolls, witches, and every other folk-tale creature that goes bump in the night. These creatures are many and varied, and she weaves them into her story seamlessly, creating a full-bodied universe I would love to keep exploring.

I really hope the library has the other two books, because I want to know how Asratheil, Jarred’s granddaughter, breaks the family curse. If not, well, I guess I’ll have to suffer. Or order the books.


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