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We are in the buying land

Land Ho!

Christmas 2014For the past year or so, my husband and I have been wanting to get out of the apartment. At first, we thought, “let’s get a house.” This was, of course, back when we lived in San Antonio, and the prospect of buying any amount of land was laughable.

Then we moved, and possibilities opened up.

My mother-in-law lives on about 10 acres with her new husband. I love the place. It’s quiet, surrounded by farmland, has trees and even a seasonal creek. If I had the money and the opportunity, it’s exactly the kind of place I’d want to live.

Then God gave us both the money and the opportunity. We first saved up enough for a down payment, and then one of my MIL’s neighbors decided to sell his land in 13 acre lots.

We decided to pounce on the land while it was still there.

Long story short? The seller said yes, we’ve signed some contracts, and now we’re mostly waiting to land us a loan for the land. (My husband demanded I put in the pun. Here it is. You’re welcome, honey.)

Granted, it doesn’t have a house, a creek, or even trees on it, but it’s land. Those things can be added. For now, it’s flat, it’s not swampy, and it’s already being farmed. Also, right off the interstate and just a mile or two from my in-laws. All good points in my book.

So, come our anniversary, we’ll be the proud owners of a nice plot of land! Yahoo!

And in about 18-24 months after that, hopefully homeowners. Happy face! God’s been so good to us!



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