About the Author

jennygorman1 (2)My name is Jennifer Gorman. I grew up in Judsonia, Arkansas, a small town about an hour north of Little Rock. I lived on our small family farm with my parents, my brother and sister, our pets, the garden and a host of farm animals. I have a Bachelors degree in English from Harding University, and whenever I wasn’t helping out on the farm or working at the hotel, I spent my time reading, writing and playing second violin for the community orchestra.

I still enjoy reading, writing, and playing the violin, but everything else changed in 2012 when I met my future boyfriend and current husband, Michael. Now we live in San Antonio with our cat Peaches. My husband is a software engineer, and I still write. Together we make invisible people dance across the computer screen (his usually wear full auto-mail armor and carry giant guns, while I just make mine dance to my tunes).

Our life is an adventure, but it’s not perfect. We are both active members of our local church congregation. In our free time we like to play video games, and make bad jokes with each other.

About My Writing

When I was ten, I decided I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Since then, notebooks and pencils have been my best friend. People ask me, “how many stories have you finished?” My first thought is, “define ‘finished’ and ‘story.'” I’ve got so many tidbits and finished things clogging my computer files that I’ve lost track. I love writing fantasy, but I’ve tried my hand at young adult, western, romance and science fiction. I’ve written short stories, and I’ve written 100,000+ novels.

My most recent project is a fantasy trilogy about a kid who was raised in a monastery. A simple quest to deliver a message turns his life upside down. Over the course of a summer, he steps far out of his comfort zone. He travels the mountains with a merchant, gets chased by invading Ice Raiders, discovers he can command animals and loses his home. The first of this trilogy is finished at 115,000+ words, and I have started the publishing process.

So far, I don’t have anything published, but with God’s help, that will soon change.


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