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My first meeting with the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of ACFW

Yesterday I attended the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of ACFW for the first time.

BeckyWade_Photo_1_26_16Yesterday was a day of firsts for me. First time to attend the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of ACFW. First time to drive into Arlington by myself. First time to get lost in Arlington. But of course I was going to get lost in Arlington. This is me we’re talking about. I get lost in Wal-Mart, for cryinig out loud.

Oh, and yesterday was the first time to walk into Chick fil A and decide I don’t want to eat at Chick fil A. Too crowded. But that’s beside the point.

Yesterday I attended my first writers meeting since moving to moving to Waxahachi back in December. It felt good to be back among writers, and I’m looking forward to making some friends. They look like a great group of people, and, since they have a new speaker ever month, I’m bound to learn something from them.

I definitely got to learn something this go round. They had Becky Wade come by and tell us about Taming the Social Media Beast. She told us about her experience with social media, and gave us tips for how to get the most out of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. She made it sound easy, and I have to say, she almost convinced me join Twitter. Almost. She did, however, tell us about making your own pins for Pinterest, and that is something I want to learn. Eventually. After I dig up my notes from the black hole in my purse.

Which goes to show you that not only am I a little introverted and antisocial, I tend to put things off, too.

I don’t know if my social media skills will ever get me published. Honestly, I doubt it. My skills aren’t the best, and neither are my number of followers. Some days, I think I’m doing fine. Then I compare myself to other people and get depressed. It makes me want to hire someone to have them look at my stuff and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Maybe some of Beck Wade’s tips will rub off on me.

I don’t know. If I ever do get published, it will be because of two things: one–the quality of my writing, and two–the goodness and grace of the Lord. Not the number of followers I have. But numbers can’t hurt.

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The Importance of Doing Your Research

biting nailsSo February 1, 2015, I finally went ahead and did it. I deleted my old blog, If you were to go looking for that blog now, you would not find it. It is gone.

I’ve been putting off that action for months–more than a year, in fact. I did not want to get rid of it. I had almost three years worth of information on it. I’d worked hard on that site. But I thought I had to do it. I thought the only way to get a blog with my married name in the url was to create a new blog and delete the old one.

I had to do it.

So Sunday afternoon I went to my site, clicked on tools and saw the DELETE SITE button glowing. Right there in open. I thought it would take forever to find. I’d looked up “how to delete site” multiple times before and forgot what they’d told me three seconds after I read it. But nope. There it was. Easy to find. Easy to use. Thank you, wordpress.

So I clicked on the–Duh, Big Red Button–DELETE SITE button. It asked me why I wanted to do it. I thought, huh, ok, no problem. I clicked, “I want to change my address,” and BOOM, there it was.

An Option to Change my URL.

I was wrong.

I’d been wrong for the past year and four months. Probably more. I didn’t have to delete my website. I didn’t have to create two new blogs and delete my old one. I could just update my old URL, keep my old blog and go on my merry way. Hurrah!

Yeah, sure. If this had been October of 2013, maybe. February of 2015, and all this work and stress later? Nope.

 I Feel Like An Idiot.


So, yeah. That’s me. And you want to know the worst of it? People tried to tell me I was wrong.

(I think. I can’t  be positive. I mean, I understand Spanish better than I do well-meaning people who can’t communicate but give me funny looks when I describe this issue and then say something like, “I don’t think that’s how that works.”)

And being wrong? I can stand being wrong. I’m fine with being corrected. Writers don’t survive being a writer if they can’t learn how to handle correction and criticism.

It’s doing ALL OF THIS WORK and then discovering there was a virtual Easy Button the entire time.

GAH. I am an idiot.

bang head 3

 You see, boys and girls, this is why you do your research. If I’d only braced myself and done my homework a lot earlier, I could have saved myself a whole mountain range’s worth of stress. But nooooo, I had to go and be a coward . . . .

On the plus side, I’ve exported the entire contents of my blog onto my computer (another handy button that wordpress provided, THANK YOU) and just as soon as he can get around to it, my genius husband is going to write a little program that will translate it from the jumbled up code into something I can use. So I haven’t totally lost everything.

Now, if I could go back and change it, would I? Knowing what I know now? Surprisingly, no. Oh, I’d still change my url to say Gorman rather than Miller, but I still would have created another website for Scriptures for Dealing.

I think I’ll stop kicking myself now. But I want chocolate.

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The Pun Master’s Grand Opening

Welcome to the blog!

dancing wedding picSince this is the first post, I will give you a quick tour. My name is Jenny Gorman, and I’m married to my husband, Michael. This blog is ab out our life.

Now, my husband has a lively sense of humor, much more lively than mine. He is, in fact, the ghost writer behind this blog, and also the main reason my writing life hasn’t up and died completely. With his help, this blog will be lively, too.

In this blog, I plan on running everything from bad puns to cooking disasters to whatever is happening at the moment. Our life. If you want to know more about the blog, I urge you to explore.

The plan at the moment is to post something once a week, but as this is the grand opening, I’m going to do something special. I’m going to post something every day for a week, starting Sunday, January 4.

I really appreciate you stopping by, and I hope you will join me January 4 for my first post, which I am titling, “An Eggs-alent List of Puns.”