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Bicycle Crash and Chicken Soup

scrapeWhat happened to me this week? You wouldn’t believe me if I said not much, so I’ll tell you anyway.

That scrape on my cheek happened Wednesday, when I fell off my bike during my morning exercise and had a tumble on the concrete. Yes, I’m fine. No, it doesn’t hurt. Yes, the paramedics looked at it. So did the firemen. (And thank you to the nice couple I almost ran over for calling them. Whoever you are.) I’m fine. My glasses are not. No, I didn’t need to go to the hospital. My head didn’t hurt, so I doubt I had a concussion. My neck and back don’t hurt, so I don’t think I’ll be going to get it looked at. It’s just a scrape.

I have a bruise on my belly from my handle bar poking it as I was tumbling off the bike, and a mysterious bruise on my leg that I don’t remember getting. They hurt, but that’s it.

I’m okay. It just looks worse than it is. By the time you read this, the scrape will mostly be gone. I’ll have bought myself a helmet and will have devised a way to carry my cell phone on me while I exercise, so I don’t have to borrow strangers’ phones in order to give my hubby a heart attack. (Any and all rumors you hear about him hitting me over burned dinner are all absolutely false, and were started by said hubby in retaliation for me not warning him about the firemen keeping me company when he came to pick me up.)

Really, there’s no cause for panic. Not that that seems to stop everyone I meet, but hopefully you who don’t know me will belive me.

Speaking of my hubby

While I recovered from my little accident and discovered new and interesting bruises, Michael came down with a cold. I don’t know where he found it, considering he doesn’t go anywhere besides church. But for the past few days, he’s been horse, has had a sore throat, post nasal drip, and sneezing. He’s been eating a lot of chicken soup and wearing his warm robe. God willing, he’ll get over it soon and will be able to go back to work. Not to mention stop the extra-loud-than-normal snoring because his nose is stopped up and he can’t breathe.

In other news

In the meantime, it’s summer here in Texas and my garden is still alive. Two weeks ago I decided to experiment and planted a summer crop of beans. They’ve sprouted and other than being nibbled on by some naughty bugs, they’re doing all right. My squash are blooming, but not producing fruit. Maybe they aren’t big enough? Or maybe I only have one sex of squash? I know squash need both sex of flowers in order to make squash. I’ve seen lots of flowers, but so far no fruit. Hmm. I’ll give it some more time.

At least my okra plants are finally making fruit. I’ve got two little baby okra that will ready to pick some time this coming week. Hopefully that won’t be all they produce. If so, I will be very disappointed in my plants. Also, I’ve got tomatoes that are finally ripening, but they’re taking so long! Ug, I can’t wait to pick them.

Also, according to the evil bathroom scale, I’ve officially lost 6lbs. Yippee! Keep your fingers crossed, because I intend to loose more. Maybe by the time Christmas comes around I can officially make it 15 or 20 lbs? Would 25 be too much to pray for? I hope not!


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What I have been up to lately

My Garden

garden plantsMany of you know I have been preparing my yard for a garden. Well, after a working the soil and a weeks worth of rain, my garden was ready for planting.  Last Tuesday I planted a few tomato plants, a row of green beans and a row of okra. I can’t wait for it to sprout. I’m looking forward to sitting in the backyard, reading or writing, watching my garden grow, and eventually enjoying the fruits of my labor.

This is what my garden looks like so far. At least, the part with plants. You can see my two tomato plants and my three flower pots. I’d show you what the rest looks like, but it will be a few weeks before the seeds sprout.

Fitness Update

At the beginning of the year I started bike riding around the neighborhood. Well, I’m still at it. I’m up to riding 9 miles a day 5 days a week. To top it off, my husband and I have outlawed fast food. We can go out to eat, but no fast food. So far, it’s been three weeks and we’ve kept our resolution. Alas, neither of us have lost weight. I try not to be worried. It’s a step in the right direction. If it takes all year to see results, then that’s what it will take.

One year? I wish. It took me eight years to get like this. I’d be amazed if I could get into shape in one year.

Writing Flop

Last week, I attended the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of ACFW. Their guest speaker talked about how to finish a novel. She had lots of pointers and afterwards, I raced home, motivated to get started on my new book. Unfortunately, I haven’t done a single thing on it.

Sigh. I need to work on my writing resolution. I’ve had progress in other aspects of my life. Why not this one?



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Bathroom Scales are Evil

Me, like every other woman on the planet, have been fighting a war against the bathroom scale for several years now. I try to eat healthy, hide the snacks so I forget about them and don’t eat them, and try to keep eating out for special occasions (like Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays).

bathroom scaleI drag myself out of bed and exercise–walk 2 miles along windy and exhaust-fume laden quiet neighborhood streets– three to five days a week.

I keep the tiny apartment clean, take out the trash and empty the litter box.

I play my violin and drive places.

I work out.

And yet the scale will not tell me what I want to hear: “You have lost thirty pounds! Congratulations and good luck with your next thirty!” If I’m lucky it will say: “your weight has not changed since the last time you stepped on me.”  If I’m even unluckier?

Now, take my husband. He is a male, and that immediately gives him a leg up. He has way more natural energy than I do, which gives him another leg up–which he doesn’t need, since he already towers over me.

Michael doesn’t have to do much to lose weight. He can exercise for twenty minutes three times a week, and after two months will have lost twenty pounds. In the mean time, he can find and eat all of those snacks I have hidden, have about five servings of chicken Parmesan and half a liter of Dr. Pepper for every meal.

Over the Christmas holiday he exercised maybe three times in one week, and then ate half an anglefood cake in one night–and still lost two pounds in one night.

(It was a very good angelfood cake, and homemade to boot. If we hadn’t eaten it we would have had to throw it away, and that would have been a shame.)

Two pounds! And he ate half an angelfood cake? How did that happen? And why can’t it happen to me???

This is why scales are evil. I hate them. They should all be nuked and thrown away and never be made again.


Enjoy that? Join me next time when I talk about, “My Husband Speaks a Different Language Than Me.”