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Better News this Week

Kelly Update

For all of you who read this blog to find out how my step-father-in-law was doing, here’s an update for you.

He’s doing much better. It’s been almost two weeks since he’s had the heart attack. He’s off all of the machines–that ecmo machine and that respirator, he’s off of them. He’s off of most of the medications, and off sedation. This mean’s he’s awake, he’s talking, and he’s walking. Well, with assistance. They had to put in a second splint recently, so God willing he won’t have another heart attack for a long time. Right now, his biggest challenge is his rehab therapy. But praise God! He’s doing good, and hopefully he’ll be able to go home before Christmas.

Other Updates: Weight loss and land

Good news on other fronts. At the top of the year, I set out to loose weight. In the past, this was pretty much an exercise in pain, patience and frustration, as I’d exercise for a few months and see no results. I’d quit, feel bad for quitting, and then try again–not that it did any good.

This year has been different. I went off the pill, and without the extra hormones messing with my body, my metabolism improved. I ate less–and wanted to eat less. I managed to meet and exceed my goal. So far, I have lost 27 pounds. Woohoo!

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d actually do it. Losing weight has never been easy for me, even when I wasn’t on the pill. What actually made the difference? I’m not sure. Could be my own hard work and stubbornness. Could be God just decided to bless me this way. Could be both. I’m not discounting anything.

Now, the land.

For the past three months, we’ve been trying to buy this parcel of land just south of town. Three months. Ug, it’s been a long three months. We’ve had delay after delay–none of which were our fault. We’ve had to extend our contract with our agents at least four times.

But no more. Two weeks ago, we closed the deal. Sighed the papers. And handed over the down payment. We are now the proud owners of almost 13 acres of land. Woohoo! Pictures will hopefully be coming soon, but I have to warn you, they’ll be pretty boring. There’s nothing but survey posts on our land, but that’s okay. It’s ours and that’s what’s important.

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My Husband Speaks A Different Language Than Me

Several, in fact.

Computer languages. He speaks severalĀ computerĀ languages. Not Greek or French or Spanish. He couldn’t speak Spanish if his life depended on it–though I’m pretty sure he could learn it in a quarter of the time it would take me if he wanted to, the show off. He’s just that smart. And I have a minor in Spanish, too.

Michael is a software engineer. Computer programmer. A shooter of trouble (in more ways than one). If it has to do with a computer, then he can do it. Give him a pile of computer parts and he could put it together and make it dance. So naturally of course he speaks several computer languages and dialects–5 languages, he has told me, and about 6 dialects.

He works from home, nowadays. And some time during the day, he’s on Skype with either his coworker or his clients/boss, talking shop.

Now, I’ve been married to him for over a year now. Furthermore, I have a little brother just like him. I think I can understand about as much shop talk as I can Spanish. The rest of the time? I feel something like this:

where do I plug this in

He assures me that with enough time and proper teaching, I, too, can learn to program.

I don’t believe him.



Like that? Join me next time when I talk about, “Our Resolution Contract.”