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Tragedy Strikes Our Family

I haven’t posted anything much the past few weeks because nothing much has happened in my life.

I can’t say that this week.

Early Monday morning, my step-father in law had a massive heart attack.

Thankfully, he survived the attack, but as you can imagine, this has been very hard on the family. He’s healing, but he’s not going to be leaving the hospital any time soon. As for what the future holds for him and the family, no one has any idea. We’re just praying that he lives and gets better soon.

My mother-in-law has pretty much moved into the hospital. My husband and I have been spending our evenings there, doing whatever we can to help and support her. That usually consists of nothing more than buying her meals and doing laundry for her–but even just being there and giving her hugs helps.

My mother-in-law has no shortage of people wanting to help. And not just her, but her husband as well. I was just blown away by the sheer number of people coming out of the woodwork, wanting to know if they can do anything. His family, extended family, friends I’d never heard of or seen, church family, and coworkers. My step-father-in-law is a cop, and well loved on the work force. They decided to keep someone there at all times.

And not just them. We’ve got my mother-in-law’s extended family and friends, my friends and family, my husband’s friends and family. We’ve got church members and cops out the wazoo–yes, I mentioned them twice, but believe me, there’s a lot of cops–and they’re all stopping by the hospital with prayers and hugs and support.

I’ve heard of this kind of thing happening in the church, that when a beloved member is badly sick or critically injured, everyone just comes out to support them. I’ve done my share of support. But this is the first time I’ve seen it up close and personal, and I’m just blown away.

I just can’t help but thank God for His family and for everything else He’s given us in our time of need. The support and prayers. The competent and caring doctors and nurses. The hospital. It’s all been a blessing, and we couldn’t have held up as well as we have without it.

We’ve got a long row to hoe, but I know that with God’s help, we’ll get through it.

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Where I Receive Inspiration

kitchen tableInspiration.

Writers live and breath by inspiration. When we have it, our lives are wonderful. When we don’t, our day is gray.

Every writer has their own way of getting their own inspiration. Some need their own quiet space, an office perhaps, where everything is just so. They have everything exactly where they want it, and nothing can disturb them there.

Others need to have some noise when they write. Maybe they listen to music or put on the tv for background noise. They could even find inspiration writing in a busy cafe or coffee house.  Others would rather write in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature.

What about Writers Block?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any magic formula for solving writers block. I do have advice. If, by any chance, you do suffer from writers block do not procrastinateHalf the time I have writers block is because I’ve been procrastinating. If you’re procrastinating because you have writers block, sit down, get serious and write something. Even if it’s just the word ‘something’ over and over and over. Usually the act of writing generates inspiration. And if what you write ends up being trash, so what? You aren’t in a worse position by erasing it than you were before.

Ok, what if procrastination isn’t your problem? Your problem may be stress. You could be trying to hard, or may be too wound up to sit still and think. If that’s the case, you need to relax. Walk away from your writing and do something else. Do some chores. Go for a run. Take a shower. Eat some chocolate. Get away from your kids. Read the Bible. Whatever gets you relaxed, go do it. But don’t stay away too long. Get relaxed, but then come back and write something . You don’t want to lose your forward motion.

Where do you get inspiration?

The fact is, all writers receive inspiration from different places. It doesn’t have to be where you chose to write–writers can receive inspiration anywhere, looking at anything. I’ve received story ideas from being in places as innocuous as a bank. Like many writers, I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying paper and pens with me, so that I could write down my ideas whenever inspiration hits me.  Writing down ideas while I drive is still tricky, but I’m figuring it out.

Me, personally, I’m a laptop girl. Oh, I have a desktop, but I can’t always write at a desk. I actually have more luck writing at the kitchen table, the couch, or even in bed.  The picture, by the way, is of my kitchen table. You see my laptop there. I also have a pad of scrap paper–sometimes I think better writing by hand than by typing. That stack of folders is critiqued copies of my story. I will refer to them whenever I edit chapters.


Where do you get inspiration? Leave a message–I’d love to know!

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Rain in my Memorial Day Week

If there is one word that can describe my memorial day week, it is rain. Up here in Arkansas, it has rained five days out of my eight day vacation. As a result of this rain and the other rain Arkansas has received this spring, the Arkansas river is at flood stages. My parent’s garden is a mess of mud and corn, and the fields have standing puddles–aka, lakes–of water in them.

Of course, this has not kept me from enjoying my vacation. While the rain fell, I relaxed, spent time with with my sister and also with my best friend. I ate too much food, watched too much tv, went to the movies, and enjoyed a birthday party.

In other parts of the world

In other parts of the world, rain did not have such a passive role. In Texas, an overabundance of rain has flooded both the Houston and San Antonio areas.  Dallas is also seeing some flooding.  This worries me, as I live in the San Antonio region. While I’m relatively certain my apartment is still standing, the notion that it could wash away makes me nervous. Just because my apartment avoided disaster this go around doesn’t mean that it will the next.

Texas is prone to flooding. A lot of it is flat, and the Dallas area is right next to a large reservoir. San Antonio has virtually no topsoil, so most of the rain stays floats on the top. If it rains in San Antonio, then the water will follow the path of least resistance–which will be to the nearest low spot. Rain could very easily flood roads or ruin houses, mine or people I love included.

Not to mention my husband and I plan to move to Dallas later this year. All this rain has made me wonder about the wisdom of such a move. I’ve seen what happens to homes build in low areas–they flood. Dallas is a low area. Is moving there a good idea? That has yet to be seen.

Rely on God. Don’t worry about what ifs.

The rain, in spite of the flooding, has done a lot of good. Texas has been in a long, several year drought. Many rejoice over the rain, and pray for more. Water restrictions are being lifted in several areas, and farmer lands are receiving plenty of water. No one wants to go back to drought conditions, especially during the soon-to-be hot, summer months.

Could my home float away? At any time. I refuse to let myself worry about things that haven’t happened yet. God is in control. He sends the rain and He blesses my life. Just because things could happen to me doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do things like move to Dallas. It just means I need to exercise care in my life and rely on Him more often.