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An Eggs-alent List of Puns

laughing eggDuring last summer some time, we found ourselves at Walmart after church one night. Now, my husband is a night owl; I am not. By this time of the night, my brain has pretty much already gone to bed, and I get a little crabby. Michael’s, however, was still going full steam ahead. So when our cashier remarked about the three dozen of eggs we were buying, Michael replied with ten minutes worth of egg-themed puns.

I had to dig around in the recess of my mind to find these puns, but here they are, for your viewing pleasure.

lots of eggs


Cashier: Wow, that’s a lot of eggs.

Michael: Yes, we thought it was an eggs-alent idea at the time.

  • You’ve got to be yoking me.
  • I have to admit, I poached a few of these jokes.

Me: Shut up, it’s too late. My brains are all scrambled.

poached eggMichael: Well, I have to do something to get you out of your shell.

  • All you have to do is look at things sunny side up more often.
  • I’m just laying these puns out here.

Me: You’ve got so much energy you’re eggs-austing to be around.

Michael: You don’t have to be so chicken.

  •  You don’t want to wind up a hard boiled detEGGtive.

Cashier: These joke are getting so rotten, they’re starting to stink.

Well, that was most of them that I could remember. I hope they cracked you up. Tune in next time for the next list of puns, “These Puns Are Going to Floor You.”


Did I miss any puns? Let me know!


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