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Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!


I hope everyone is enjoying a Happy Easter. Whether or not you hunt for eggs, eat good food, or hang out with family or not, I hope you have a good Easter.

I know some people who don’t like to celebrate Easter, or any holidays for that matter. I can sort of understand the way they feel–everyone is going to be eating out, everything will be packed (or closed), traffic will be a nightmare, who wants that kind of stress? Mostly, though, I can’t. I grew up celebrating a lot of holidays with good food and family, so I have a lot of good memories with holidays. I plan on celebrating Easter the same way (minus the Easter Egg Hunts).

Whatever your reason for not celebrating Easter, here are two very good reasons to celebrate Easter.

1. Jesus Christ died for you and me, to forgive us of our sins.

2. Jesus Christ was raised for the dead, and now we have a chance at eternal life.

Who needs a better reason to celebrate than that? Heck, celebrate life. We have it, thanks to Him.


Pic: spring flowers that I picked for Easter


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