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Where I Receive Inspiration

kitchen tableInspiration.

Writers live and breath by inspiration. When we have it, our lives are wonderful. When we don’t, our day is gray.

Every writer has their own way of getting their own inspiration. Some need their own quiet space, an office perhaps, where everything is just so. They have everything exactly where they want it, and nothing can disturb them there.

Others need to have some noise when they write. Maybe they listen to music or put on the tv for background noise. They could even find inspiration writing in a busy cafe or coffee house.  Others would rather write in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature.

What about Writers Block?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any magic formula for solving writers block. I do have advice. If, by any chance, you do suffer from writers block do not procrastinateHalf the time I have writers block is because I’ve been procrastinating. If you’re procrastinating because you have writers block, sit down, get serious and write something. Even if it’s just the word ‘something’ over and over and over. Usually the act of writing generates inspiration. And if what you write ends up being trash, so what? You aren’t in a worse position by erasing it than you were before.

Ok, what if procrastination isn’t your problem? Your problem may be stress. You could be trying to hard, or may be too wound up to sit still and think. If that’s the case, you need to relax. Walk away from your writing and do something else. Do some chores. Go for a run. Take a shower. Eat some chocolate. Get away from your kids. Read the Bible. Whatever gets you relaxed, go do it. But don’t stay away too long. Get relaxed, but then come back and write something . You don’t want to lose your forward motion.

Where do you get inspiration?

The fact is, all writers receive inspiration from different places. It doesn’t have to be where you chose to write–writers can receive inspiration anywhere, looking at anything. I’ve received story ideas from being in places as innocuous as a bank. Like many writers, I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying paper and pens with me, so that I could write down my ideas whenever inspiration hits me.  Writing down ideas while I drive is still tricky, but I’m figuring it out.

Me, personally, I’m a laptop girl. Oh, I have a desktop, but I can’t always write at a desk. I actually have more luck writing at the kitchen table, the couch, or even in bed.  The picture, by the way, is of my kitchen table. You see my laptop there. I also have a pad of scrap paper–sometimes I think better writing by hand than by typing. That stack of folders is critiqued copies of my story. I will refer to them whenever I edit chapters.


Where do you get inspiration? Leave a message–I’d love to know!


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