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Rain in my Memorial Day Week

If there is one word that can describe my memorial day week, it is rain. Up here in Arkansas, it has rained five days out of my eight day vacation. As a result of this rain and the other rain Arkansas has received this spring, the Arkansas river is at flood stages. My parent’s garden is a mess of mud and corn, and the fields have standing puddles–aka, lakes–of water in them.

Of course, this has not kept me from enjoying my vacation. While the rain fell, I relaxed, spent time with with my sister and also with my best friend. I ate too much food, watched too much tv, went to the movies, and enjoyed a birthday party.

In other parts of the world

In other parts of the world, rain did not have such a passive role. In Texas, an overabundance of rain has flooded both the Houston and San Antonio areas.  Dallas is also seeing some flooding.  This worries me, as I live in the San Antonio region. While I’m relatively certain my apartment is still standing, the notion that it could wash away makes me nervous. Just because my apartment avoided disaster this go around doesn’t mean that it will the next.

Texas is prone to flooding. A lot of it is flat, and the Dallas area is right next to a large reservoir. San Antonio has virtually no topsoil, so most of the rain stays floats on the top. If it rains in San Antonio, then the water will follow the path of least resistance–which will be to the nearest low spot. Rain could very easily flood roads or ruin houses, mine or people I love included.

Not to mention my husband and I plan to move to Dallas later this year. All this rain has made me wonder about the wisdom of such a move. I’ve seen what happens to homes build in low areas–they flood. Dallas is a low area. Is moving there a good idea? That has yet to be seen.

Rely on God. Don’t worry about what ifs.

The rain, in spite of the flooding, has done a lot of good. Texas has been in a long, several year drought. Many rejoice over the rain, and pray for more. Water restrictions are being lifted in several areas, and farmer lands are receiving plenty of water. No one wants to go back to drought conditions, especially during the soon-to-be hot, summer months.

Could my home float away? At any time. I refuse to let myself worry about things that haven’t happened yet. God is in control. He sends the rain and He blesses my life. Just because things could happen to me doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do things like move to Dallas. It just means I need to exercise care in my life and rely on Him more often.



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